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Who am I

Hey, I'm Jemima, a Leeds based artist working currently working on oil paintings, and gradually building up a mural portfolio too.

paint anything which makes me stop for a sec and think, i need to paint that. Anything from a person to a drainpipe. I hope the painting can then make someone else stop for a sec to view it the same way i did.

Portraits and figures are a common theme in my work because there is something satisfying about looking at someone else and somehow understanding yourself better.


Anyway, hope you like my work and if you do, you can support me by following me on social media and/or subscribing to my site down below. I also have work available for sale under the shop tab above if you fancy a piece of art for your wall. I am also available for mural commissions and art workshops, you can contact me using the details below if you're intrigued.

Thank you! 


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