Hi! I'm Jemima, a 22 yr old yorkshire based painter, working primarily in oil paint.


Someone once described my work as grimy and it was the best compliment ever. I love it when a painting makes sense from far away, but up close the marks look messy and kind of abstract so your eyes are constantly finding new details. 

Portraits are a common theme in my work because i think you can learn a lot about yourself by looking into the eyes of someone else. Aside from faces, i paint anything which makes me stop for a second and think I need to paint that. I like the idea of the picture then making the viewer stop in there tracks for a second too, because a lot of us (myself included) are so fast paced and distracted there's few things with the power to make us do that.

Anyway! I hope you like my work and if you do, you can support me by following me on social media and/or subscribing here. I also have work available for sale under the shop tab above if you fancy a piece of original art for your wall! 

Thank you! 


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